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The material of which most hoof boots are build changes it’s flexibility by different temperature – especially in winter when it is becoming very cold.

Therefore we recommend to keep your hoof boots at a warm place after riding. Especially the extremely flexible Easyboot Glove dislikes very cold environment. In worst case former perfectly fitted boots don’t fit anymore. Take care of your hoof boots and your horse will be grateful for some flexible boots with comfortable sole. It’s not very comfortable to walk or even gallopp in boots that are stiff with cold !

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I have some really good news for you and the hoof boot world from Germany and I thought the best way to publish this is doing it in a video message. So once in my life I wanted to do it like the really big boys sending a message this way ;-)   Here you are….

This photo was taken while the award was given to me as representative of Garrett Ford (EasyCare Inc.)

Rosi Schnitzenbaumer, Bernd Jung, Dr. Alexander Wurthmann

Rosi Schnitzenbaumer, Bernd Jung, Dr. Alexander Wurthmann

More information (in German) available on the BESW Akademie website or on the  EasyCare Blog.


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Today I’ve installed this new blog the first time. From now on I will inform you continiously about our experiences regarding the newest hoof boots. We’ve done this already on a German Blog called “Hufschuhe Infoportal“. Due to the permanently increasing number of international customers we made the decision to create an English blog parallel.

When you’re looking for a source to purchase hoof boots, have a look at


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